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Review Excerpt: Journal of American History

The American Essay in the American Century makes a strong contribution to our understanding of middle-class culture in the first half of the twentieth century.”

—Evan Brier, Journal of American History


Review Excerpt: The Journal of American Culture

Stuckey-French establishes the “resilience and… essence” of the essay by parading its ability to march forward through time, creating closeness and connection wherever the reader or writer may be.”

—Cassie Keller Cole, The Journal of American Culture


Review Excerpt: CHOICE

Highly recommended.”

—C. A. Bily, CHOICE


Review Excerpt: Brevity

What follows is a fascinating whodunit, wherein Stuckey-French posits the Ford Model T, the suburban living room, consumer society, popular magazines, and a fast-paced modern life as possible murder suspects.”

—Cassandra Kircher, Brevity


Review Excerpt: Rain Taxi

The breadth of the research, the unique scope of the work, and Ned Stuckey-French’s own astute and penetrating writing make The American Essay in the American Century a valuable volume for those who want to rediscover and reimagine the role of the essay in American history and culture.”

—Kyle Simonsen, Rain Taxi


Review Excerpt: Fourth Genre

The American Essay in the American Century shows us how much we stand to gain as readers of essays when we take them seriously enough to investigate their histories.”

—Nicole B. Wallack, Fourth Genre: Explorations in Creative Nonfiction